Smart. Efficient. Effective.

For more than 40 years, I have delivered legal representation to franchisees, beverage licensees and other business owners here in Massachusetts and around the country. Through my firm, H. Glenn Alberich Law Offices in Boston, I can provide you with the same level of service I provide to some of the largest and most important corporate entities in the country.

I do that by working with you myself. I do not assign your case to an assistant you have never met or to an attorney in training. Instead, I take the time to get to know you and your business so I can advise you wisely today and in the future.

Committed To Superior Business Service

I maintain a firm commitment to the same principles that drive my business clients: efficiency and effectiveness. My firm delivers results by focusing on those principles to maximize value and cut the fat often associated with other high-end legal services.

That style of representation has earned me the trust of some of the nation's largest corporations. Those clients are involved in the franchise and alcoholic beverage industries, as well as a wide variety of other business enterprises.

My command of business law and my ability to get deals done lead businesses to entrust their most difficult business disputes to my care and judgment. You can depend on me to help you understand when your rights are best protected by going to trial and when they are best protected by resolving the dispute out of court through negotiation or settlement.

Learn More About What I Can Do For You

I invite you to consider my results for clients in a number of cases, both litigation and transactional. I also invite you to call me to schedule a complimentary initial consultation: 508-687-2340. You can also make your appointment by contacting me online.