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Experienced Massachusetts Franchise Law Attorney

Franchising your business or buying into a franchise can be a lucrative venture. But the key to success is doing it correctly from the beginning. An experienced franchise lawyer can make certain you are on the right track. H. Glenn Alberich Law Offices has facilitated franchise opportunities in the Greater Boston area since 2007. The firm assesses the risks and advantages of franchising, as well as the commitment required, so you have sufficient information to support your decisions.

Knowledgeable about all aspects of franchise law
For franchisors, the firm can:

  • Explain your rights and obligations
  • Create a financing plan
  • Draft and review critical documents
    • Franchise agreement
    • Sublease
    • Equipment lease
    • Software license
    • Term and renewal provisions
    • Escrowed lease assignment
    • Transfer conditions
    • Development agreement formulas
    • Protected territory arrangements
    • Disclosure documents
  • Help formulate franchise payments, royalties, advertising contributions
  • Register the franchise
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal disclosure requirements
  • Discuss trademark issues

For franchisees, the firm ensures your interests are protected by reviewing the terms and conditions in your franchise agreement for:

  • Term
  • Right to renew
  • Protected territory offering
  • Franchise opening requirements
  • Franchise fee
  • Trademark requirements
  • Transfer restrictions
  • Termination provisions
  • Dispute resolution parameters

Glenn Alberich Law Offices  makes certain you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement. The firm also negotiates your agreement with the franchisor if necessary, drafts or reviews the franchise purchase agreement, and represents you through the closing.

If you are selling a franchise, the firm drafts and reviews documents related to the sale of assets, assignment of the lease and assignment of the franchise agreement. Clients trust H. Glenn Alberich Law Offices to provide concrete advice and outstanding service as they work through the franchise process.

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